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It is an absolute JOY to teach yoga.


Overworking in an architecture firm in Toronto led me to feel

Burn out. Unbalanced. And Disconnected. In life.

Getting laid off was a blessing in disguise.

I learned to "Listen To My Heart".

Deciding to dive into yoga teacher training at Ahimsa Yoga in Toronto has changed my life completely.

I found BALANCE in my life, CONNECTION to myself and an amazing yoga COMMUNITY...and discovered more about Sabrina.


I have been teaching yoga ever since 2013 in Toronto, Canada and now in Fukuoka.


Join me in a yoga class, focusing on using breath while moving through yoga flows and poses, in a variety of dynamic movements, that will leave you feeling balanced in mind and body, as well as feeling good!

Please Contact Sabrina directly about:

  • Private and Group Yoga Lessons (including Yoga Brunch)

  • Private and Group English Lessons​​

Prices start at ¥10,000


​- Tokiko

  from Fukuoka

I had been looking for an outside yoga practice, and found her class. 

Since I started to take her park yoga class, I gain my concentration and notice more beauty of the nature! That's a good surprise for me. Taking yoga outside makes me feel refreshed. 

Her instruction works for me, and she helps to adjust my posture that lets me notice how my body moves. I hope I can take better balance of body and mind to keep taking her class.


​- Yoshimitsu

  from Fukuoka

I've had a wonderful time attending many of Sabrina's Park Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Element Yoga, and Surf Yoga classes over the last year. 

It's a great pleasure to practice Yoga with Sabrina!

Her class, especially Ahimsa Yoga Flow, helps me be focused on mindfulness and deepen my poses slowly and  gradually in a way I can feel safe and have peace of mind.  (It may include few poses that take a lot of muscle engagement such as Goddess squat series.) 


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