Our community provides Awesome Yoga Classes and Events with English instruction in Fukuoka, Japan.


Members are from every age, background, Yoga level, English level, and over 30 countries!

Right now, we hold Yoga classes every Sunday at 7pm in Fukuoka city's Chuo Gym for 1500 yen.


We also hold special events including Park Yoga, Beach Yoga, Beach Cleanup, Meditations, Workshops and Yoga Retreats.


One Love Yoga exists for people to awaken

to a direct experience of the One source, 

and in that awakening discover 

who we really are is Love

Anyone who participates in our classes and events

is left enlivened by who they discover themselves to be

and inspired by what they are capable of

As a community we bring kindness, good will, humor, fun and friendship

We see people as perfect, whole and complete exactly as they are

We celebrate the fullness of life in Fukuoka and on the planet