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The MatMobile

I wanted to teach classes at the Chuo Gym. I also wanted to have mats, blocks, and other equipment to give students a great Yoga class experience, and there is no storage allowed at the gym. The solution was to rent a storage unit two blocks from the gym (3888 yen per month) and build a mobile cart that holds all of the equipment.

My father was a builder and contractor, and since I was a kid I've known how to use tools, build and fix. So for me it was a fun challenge and opportunity to build this. I went to Nafco to see materials, and saw 1820 x 89 x 19 pine boards for 258 yen each. I also knew I wanted to build with "pocket screws" to make the design attractive, compact, and strong.

I went through several designs, with the goal of optimizing the storage capacity, having it fit in the storage unit I rented, and be light and easy even for Machi Sensei to roll to the gym.

I also found a program online that does cut optimization - you enter all of the size cuts you need, how thick the saw blade is, and how long the materials are, and it gives you how to cut each piece to get minimal waste.

In the end, I used 18 boards to build what I call "The Matmobile." Building took about 4 days, working about 4 hours per day. Most of the time was drilling the pocket holes, and the last 1.5 days was sanding and sealing the wood. There was also a lot of time spent cleaning up - drilling the holes and sanding is messy!

I hope the Mat Mobile makes One Love Yoga classes an even better experience for everyone. Seeing it certainly makes me proud and happy!

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