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Updated: Sep 18, 2018

So exciting... We are printing materials! I chose Mojo Print, a shop in Osaka that has great English support and good prices. So far, that process has gone smoothly.

We have 500 x 9cm logo stickers coming in a few days, which will be a reward to anyone who subscribes to our LINE @onelove. I hope we get 500 subscribers and give them all away very quickly! I think it will be a cool thing that people will enjoy and feel a part of the community.

The cover page of a test print of our English Japanese translation Yoga vocabulary guide.

We also have 1000 copies of a 4-page vocabulary sheet that folds open. This has been the most work out of everything to create. It will give huge value for anyone interested in learning Japanese or English, and taking Yoga classes in the language they are learning. I wish there was something like this when I was taking Yoga classes in Japanese!

Both the stickers and English to Japanese Yoga vocabulary guide look really fantastic.

Finally, I'm creating a flag - nobori style - to display at our classes and events. I made about 15 designs in the crello free online graphic design program:

In the end, none of them were high enough resolution to make into a 60cm x 180cm flag, so I started again from scratch in a free design program I've used a lot called GIMP.

Searching for free images for the background, this was the one that fit the flag best!

Unfortunately, it's not in line with the purpose and image of "One Love Yoga"... a little too... sexy... though I considered it for the impact it would have in getting attention. I'll just leave it here on the blog as a fun option that was ultimately passed on.

I'll fine tune the design over the next few days and send it to print. it will be about 8100 yen including shipping and flag poles. I'm very excited about having a big beautiful flag at our classes and events!

The One Love Yoga project is moving forward at a good pace.

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