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Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a logo!

I hired a professional graphic designer in Fukuoka named Jeremy who has done some great work on other projects. Unfortunately, his first ideas didn't seem right for us.

At the time, I was with my family in Sequim, Washington, USA. I lightheartedly asked for divine help to create this symbol of our group. The same day, we were eating at a Thai restaurant, and I was interested in this painting across the room from our table. I especially liked how the sun is drawn with smaller circles around a large circle.

The image of a sun shining Love on all beings at all times is so fitting for a group called "One Love." I also liked how the smaller circles come from the Source circle and are exactly like it, but at the same time are individual and unique. I knew this "sun of circles" was the base design of the new logo.

We went through some different versions, and I got a lot of ideas, feedback, and help from Sabrina, Frank, Machi, Jeremy, and my wife Akiko. There is a lot of symbolism and intention here - nothing about it is random. In the end, it is a beautiful and inspiring image that brings anyone who looks at it to a higher level of consciousness. This is the result!

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