Private Yoga Sessions


Single Private Personalized Yoga Lesson

A session fully focused on YOU: Raising you up, developing your practice, helping you achieve your personal goals, and leaving you with a glowing smile. A teacher can come to your home, or we can arrange a practice space.




Bring Yoga to your Business or Group

Have a friendly teacher come to your office and give a relaxing and energizing beginner Yoga lesson in English. We already serve many of Fukuoka's most successful companies! Perfect for businesses, groups, sports clubs, or friends.




Customized Events for your Group

Does your group want to share an experience a bit deeper than just sightseeing, where you can grow together and create a lifetime bond? We can customize an event or multi-day retreat for you and your group.




Book a One-to-One Session

Here the focus is YOU: elevating your practice, helping you reach your goals, and leaving you with a glowing smile on your face.


Besides Yoga, we offer guided meditation, Miracle Breathwork (or Pranayama), and spiritual coaching / counseling sessions.

If you already know you want to make this more than a one-time thing, be sure to ask about package deals for multiple sessions. Just fill out the form below and we'll get you all set up!

Private One-to-One Session Base Price: ¥10,000

If required for your situation, travel expenses and room rental charges may be applied.
sales tax included
Book your One-to-One Private Lesson Now:

Book a Group Session

for your Office, Club, or Friends!

Fukuoka businesses hire us to teach Yoga and meditation in their workspace for many different reasons: To bring healthy practices and fun into their corporate culture, to bring in mindfulness and positive energy, to increase creativity and production, to improve English communication skills, or to create lasting connection among coworkers. Whatever the reasons, we are regularly renewing our annual contracts with some of Fukuoka's most successful companies.

This is also the place to book any other private group session, whether it's your sports club that wants to increase flexibility and concentration, or a group of friends that wants to have a fun event together. 

Private Group Session Base Price: ¥10,000

If required for your situation, travel expenses and room rental charges may be applied.
sales tax included
Book Your Private Group Lesson Now:

Create a Custom Retreat for Your Group

We can customize one-day or multi-day retreats in the beautiful natural areas around Fukuoka with Yoga, meditation, breath work, games, music, energetic healing, macrobiotic and Yogic foods, and immersion in nature 
that will leave you and your group relaxed, recharged, and  connected in new and wonderful ways.
Contact us now and let us know a bit about your vision for your group experience!
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