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To walk through life joyfully we have to enhance our perception of it, Yoga is there to see the interconnectedness of all things and experience directly your true nature’


To some degree you could say I have been practicing Yoga since my childhood growing up in The Netherlands. I remember riding my bike to primary school and contemplating on questions such as “Who am I?” “How come I’m aware of all these things around me?” and “How do they come into existence?” I believe asking these questions are part of human nature and therefore the core of yoga philosophy, however they were not addressed at school, making me think I was the only one having those questions.


At the age of 10, I went to the Ballet Academy in Amsterdam and trained for 9 years to become a professional ballet dancer. After those years I had a career as a professional dancer in Norway, Hong Kong and Georgia. During my time living in Hong Kong I started meditating on a daily basis while I also developed an interest for Yoga. It wasn’t until my wife Machi, who was practicing Yoga since her time in school, suggested that I go on a one week Yoga retreat at Vikasa Yoga in Thailand in the Spring of 2015, that I really understood and experienced what Yoga is.


In April 2018 my wife and I returned to Vikasa Yoga to complete the Yoga Alliance 200 hours (RYT).


In Yoga there is a lot of freedom. There is not one way, but many ‘paths’ you can take through which you can experience your true nature, resulting in living your full potential. This is what I think we are here for, to live our full potential. Just like any animal or plant’s aim is to be a full expression of life, so it is for any human being. This is also my approach in my classes. I wish to challenge you with the intensity of the practice while leaving you in a relaxed and calm state of mind.


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Frank is amazingly patient and knowledgeable. With his dance background and experience in teaching, it carries through. His class was well thought through with nice sequencing and well roundedness. After his class there was a calmness and vigor, perfectly balanced. I would attend Frank's class in a heartbeat.

- Cindy

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