Sat, Nov 28 | Zuibaiji

🌿 YOGA RETREAT 🌿 Creating Your Best 2021

Connect with nature and rediscover your center in the mountains of Itoshima. This time, in the clear and harmonious space we create together, you will be guided to release what no longer serves you, create the 2021 of your dreams, and take immediate action to make those dreams come true!
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🌿 YOGA RETREAT 🌿 Creating Your Best 2021

Time & Location ・ 日程時間

Nov 28, 2020, 10:00 AM GMT+9 – Nov 29, 2020, 4:00 PM GMT+9
Zuibaiji, Zuibaiji, Itoshima, Fukuoka 819-1581, Japan

Details ・ 詳細

This weekend retreat is an opportunity to set aside all of your concerns, reconnect with nature, meet amazing people, get clear about what’s really important to you in life, and intentionally create the next year to be your best ever!

We pracitce Yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation in a modernized 150-year old Japanese house deep in the mountains, go on a hike to a stunning waterfall, eat delicious macrobiotic meals, and sing and chat around a campfire. In this retreat, we will also do two mini-workshops to release anything left over from the past, and in the clear space you are left in, you will be guided to create a new and exciting future for yourself.

In the clear inner space you can create for yourself here, new ideas, new connections and even miracles become possible for you and your life. Join us!



10:00 Check-In

10:30 Welcome Meeting & Mini-Green Smoothie Kampai!

11:00 Hatha Yoga Practice

13:00 Lunch & Rest

15:30 Releasing 2020 and Unblocking Yourself

18:00 Dinner

19:00~ Relax and Chat by the Campfire 


6:00 Wake up

6:30 Hatha Yoga Practice

8:00 Meditation

8:30 Breakfast

9:30 Silent Hike to Waterfall

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Creating Your Dreams for 2021

15:00 Closing Ceremony

16:00 Check-Out


  • Dates:  November 28-29, 2021 (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Place:  Zuibaijien, in the Itoshima Mountains
  • Price for Futon in Dorm-Style Large Room: 21,000 yen (10 available)
  • Price for Single Private Room: 30,000 yen (1 available)
  • Price for Double Private Room: 55,000 yen (1 available)
  • Returning Participants Receive a 3000 yen discount


  • 1-night stay in Zuibaijien
  • 4 delicious vegan, organic, macrobiotic meals
  • 2 yoga classes
  • 2 Mini-Workshops to create your best 2021
  • 2 Meditation Sessions
  • Campfire
  • Waterfall Hike
  • Snacks & Herbal Tea

Creating Your Best 2021 Yoga Retreat has very limited space (max attendance is reduced to just 12 participants), so book your spot now to avoid disappointment.  

You will leave feeling clear and light, connected with yourself and with nature, with new friendships, and seeing huge new possibilities for your future!

 This Retreat will be hosted by One Love Yoga and most practices will be led by Roy.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

 Q.  What are the sleeping arrangements?  

 There are two options:

1. Most participants will sleep together in a very large and comfortable room. The room is large enough for 20 futons, but we will limit it to 10 people so there is more space for each person. Men and women will be separated, but couples can create a space in the room to sleep together. Futons, pillows, and sheets are provided.


2. Limited private accommodations are possible for a higher price. There are 2 tatami rooms downstairs separated from other areas by Shoji doors. There is complete privacy in the rooms, but please understand that sound travels easily throughout this classical Japanese house. 

 Q.  What is the food arrangement?

All four meals will be prepared for us by an outstanding certified macrobiotic chef, Misaki-San, and her assistants. Food at the retreat will be all vegan, organic, seasonal, and mostly locally farmed. This dietary choice is done to create the best results for you to feel energized and clear during and after the retreat. There will be lots of snacks: fruit, nuts, and other snacks and herbal teas available for you. You don’t need to bring any food or drinks.

 Q. Do I need to have done yoga before?

 No. We have had participants who are total beginners, as well as experienced Yoga teachers. If the practices we do together are too difficult, you can lay down and rest anytime.

 Q. Do I need to understand English?

 Yes. At least a basic understanding will be needed to get the most out of your experience. Yoga, meditation, and workshop instructions will be given in English only.

 Q. Do I need to bring anything with me?

 More detailed information will be sent to you by email in advance, but basically you should bring:

2 changes of clothes

A reusable bottle

Basic toiletries

2 Towels

Swim suit (Your choice to swim at waterfall)

Any medications you require


Hiking shoes or sneakers (they will get dirty!)

 Q: How do I get there?

 By car: Zuibaijien is easy to reach by car. It’s within an hour drive of anywhere in Fukuoka city, and there is plenty of parking. You will be given the address in a Welcome message before the Retreat!

 By train from Fukuoka:  The nearest train station to Zuibaijien is Susenji Station, on the Kuko line towards Nishi Karatsu. From Susenji Station, it is a 25-minute drive South into the mountains to Zuibaijien. For your convenience, we organize a car pool with other participants meeting at Susenji Station at 9:20am on Saturday. Please notify us when you register if you will need a ride, or are willing to give a ride to others. In the past, everyone has gotten a ride to and from the Retreat. In the case there are no rides available, there are almost always taxis at Susenji Station, and the cost for a taxi to Zuibaijien is around 4000 yen.


***100% of participants have given One Love Yoga Retreats a perfect rating of 5/5!***

Overall Impressions:

"These two days were absolutely great and I loved it. The atmosphere was benevolent, with funny moments also, very very good meals, a lot of love for people and nature floating all around (and within us I think!)"

"Overall the retreat was amazing. My meditation practice shifted. Allowing me to be free to just explore myself and giving up looking good or giving up what meditation is supposed to look like."

"Feeling the community spirit was a big part of this retreat, and it made me feel sooo good! I really want to thank Roy and everybody for this great greaaaaat weekend, and I will never forget all this."

"It was really perfect for me to have explanations and context given in a simple and kind of "pragmatic" but also very loving way, still very well infused with yoga philosophy, concepts, and spirituality. This was the perfect mix. I really enjoyed all the discussions we had with the teachers and the other participants. The campfire is perfect, because it is a time to socialise after being really "in ourselves" a bit, and to debrief the experiences of the day." 

"Overall this retreat was a great success for many reasons. The biggest event which was also a huge surprise for me was undoubtedly the Miracle Breathwork. It offers me new thoughts and perspectives about transcendental experiences. It is also something I would like to be able to share with my close friends."

"The retreat catalysed my understanding of these practices and the development of more presence of mind in everyday life. Before, I did not know what meditation really is and is supposed to do for you, especially because I was not able to bring myself to sit with non-scattered mind. Now I find it easier to sit and do a little meditation by myself. That is a big breakthrough for me! Thank you very much for organising the fantastic retreat."

About the location and staying at Zuibaijien:

"Perfect! The ideal combination between a beautiful and cosy Japanese house, and natural and accessible surroundings."

"This location was wonderful! It was perfectly nestled amongst nature and the view was spectacular.  Accomodation was good; the space was warm and inviting for a large number of people."

"It was an excellent location... I liked the calm mountain setting rather than the seaside setting this time."

"Amazing location and great house. Clean and functional while traditional and elegant!"

"Zuibaiji-en was amazing! I loved the atmosphere and the view from the top of the mountain. The facility was pretty neat and tidy, and we could find everything we needed for running the retreat. Even though most of us slept in one giant room, it was an enjoyable experience :)"

About the Food:

"Food was amazing; my body definitely felt healthier and happy. I didn't feel like I was missing anything (coffee or sugar). Snacks were awesome too! I'm going to buy those myself, haha."

"Really great food. I'm happy to have had the opportunity to eat these kinds of dishes that incorporate ancient Japanese wisdom and cooking techniques. Also, to be able to keep refilling my plate on Saturday night was something precious for the gourmands like me!"

"All the meals were well-planned to compliment the workshops we had. I appreciate the chef kindly taught us the ingredients and the recipes so we could educate ourselves and also felt more appreciation towards what we eat."

"It was very good and helpful. I had some ideas about what a healthy diet is supposed to be like, and having this experience with macrobiotics and getting to talk with the chef helped me further improve my own diet pattern."

"The amount of food was very well proportioned. I felt great even though the quantity looks small for Saturday's lunch. That is important to feel good for the coming practices. Since it is whole grain rice, you are very quickly full. Also, the buffet-style feast and macrobiotic cake that evening was amazing. Everything was delicious."

About the Yoga Practice:

"I will take on many of the new poses/flows I learned and use them within my own practice."

"What a beautiful and enjoyable morning class."

"I enjoyed it very much. The instruction was easy to follow and understand."

"I really loved the Yoga classes! The fact there was a strong constant link with the breathing helped me a lot and my mental state was great in these conditions. I did not feel lost or anything, even when the poses where changing more quickly, because the teacher made sure to make us feel the "flow."  It was really well explained also."

"I enjoyed it, and felt really good in my body after the practice."

"To have someone to give some extra help to the beginners was really useful and appreciated. For me, it was a very cool introduction to a "real" yoga class."

About Miracle Breathwork:

"That was the best meditation experience ever! Roy definitely guided us throughout the workshop, making sure we feel protected and safe while guiding us to release our suppressed energy and explore beyond the limitations of who we thought we were. He's an amazing instructor!"

"For me, the Miracle Breathwork was the main discovery of this retreat, and the main thing i will remember. Splendid experience. I loved it."

"After giving myself permission to allow any experience to happen during Roy's preparation conversation, I dropped my fear and came from a different position. That left me open to experience a deep peace and stillness that I loved and will never forget."

"I feel this experience absolutely opened the door to a deeper meditation practice and to be able to achieve a certain level of concentration and awareness in life."

"The preparation process for me was perfect. I felt safe, and I really enjoyed the explanations at the beginning, and the little contract we made to help us "let go." Roy also helped us a lot I think by being clearly present. Hearing him going around checking on people even when I was in a more "disconnected state" was reassuring, and I knew also that other people were taken care of, which helped me focus on my own experience. Perfect music choice and order too! And the silence and chimes at the end were smooth and great."

"The Miracle Breathwork was a really crazy experience for me! (In a good way). I would have never thought I could be in such a state just by breathing a different way (even if now my "biologist" side kicked in and I can understand why it has that effect on the brain, it doesn't really matter!). It encourages me to open more to some practices, to believe more in some concepts and try new things, and I will be more open minded after this weekend concerning these kind of practices."

"In few words, Roy indeed more than adequately prepared us for the practices. Both the text he wrote and his explanations were a good thing to start with. The same goes for his guidance through the practice itself. Nothing more to say about it except THANK YOU!"

Price ・ 料金:
  • 1 Person (Dorm-Style Futon)
  • 1 Person (Private) SOLD OUT
  • 2 People SOLD OUT

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